How does CoinByCall work?

CoinByCall allows you to earn BTC/LTC by calling landline (a.k.a. fixed-line) telephone numbers in several countries. CoinByCall only makes economically sense for you if you hold an unlimited/free landline minutes plan from your mobile/landline/VoIP provider. If you should have unlimited or free minutes when calling landlines in any of the countries that we currently offer, then you can actually transform your free minutes into BTC/LTC. Let's say you are with T-Mobile in Germany and you pay 5 EUR per month for your unlimited minutes plan, which includes all calls to landline numbers within Germany. At our current payout rate of around 0.000048 BTC per minute, which translates into 0.0015 USD (0.0011 EUR) at the time of this writing, you could call our German landline numbers for 4600 minutes and you would have refinanced your plan. Every minute that you call on top of that is BTC/LTC in your pocket.

How is this possible? How does CoinByCall earn money?

When you call our numbers you will find that we actually broadcast the livestream of a larger radio station in the particular country that you called. The radio stations pay us a small amount for every new listener respectively for every minute a new listener stays connected to their stream, and we pass on the better part of that amount to you.

Will you sell my number, send me unsolicited SMS, spam, advertisements etc.?

No, we won't. If you're worried, you could just get a second prepaid SIM card with an unlimited plan and use that for calling.

I can't get connected!

Due to abuse/fraud, the newest requirement is that you present a valid caller ID.

How often/long can I call?

You can call as often as you like, but we are limiting each call to 60 to 120 minutes.

Can I call simultaneously from different lines/SIMs/providers?

Yes, but you cannot place more than one concurrent call from the same caller ID (and neither from multiple extensions).

How/when will I get paid?

Set the currency you want to get paid in, either BTC or LTC. Set the threshold you want to get paid at. Once your balance has reached the threshold, the amount will be sent to your BTC or LTC address automatically. We process the payouts automatically every 15 minutes, 24 hours per day. Please note that each user has 2 balances, one for BTC and for LTC which cannot be converted to each other. We recommend that you already make up your mind in the beginning whether you want to receive BTC or LTC, but of course you are free to switch anytime.

Can I send you massive amounts of calls/minutes and get rich?

Theoretically, yes. But in practive, massive amounts of minutes usually means that the caller hacked into a PBX or into multiple Skype accounts and is now abusing these "free" minutes. Do NOT do that! FRAUDULENT CALLS WILL NOT GET PAID FOR! Plus, you put our service at risk, so in your own interest please do not send us stolen minutes. We observe incoming minutes/calls carefully based on several criteria and reserve the right to not pay you. In any case we will get in touch via eMail if there should be some anomalies. However, we don't have a problem if you tell your friends and family to buy prepaid SIM cards and if they call us using your CoinByCall PIN. Remember, the stations pay us only for real, unique listeners.

I don't have unlimited/free minutes to any of the countries you currently offer. Can you add my country?

No, we decide which countries we add. Do not ask for your country to get added, thank you.

I'm getting tired of entering my PIN every time I call. Can I automate this?

Yes, you can. Insert a pause sign between the number and your PIN code when saving the number in your contacts. For example +431200531234p525252 where 525252 is your PIN code. Use Google or look in your phones manual to find out how to insert a pause sign for your specific phone model.

How can I get in touch with you?

On Facebook or just eMail us at CoinByCall@gmail.com.

Why is your website down so often? What happens to my calls during this time?

Don't panic! Calls are NEVER lost. Our website, well, the frontend, is down quite often (we're working on it), but the backend where your calls arrive is stable.

My call(s) doesn't show up in the statistics!

Don't panic! If you are sure you called then it will eventually show up. Due to high load at times it can sometimes take 3-4 hours or even longer, especially when the frontend was down before, until your call(s) show up.